The Natural Environment


A striking feature is  the substantial number of mature trees which form avenues  along the whole length of the Park and at main walkways across the park.  However,  consideration is being given to removing a proportion  to ensure the healthiness of the stock and to allow more light into the realm in order to promote other greenery and improve visibility.  Varieties include Beech; Large Leafed Lime; London Plane; Monterey Cypress; Gum Tree and Silver Birch.


Flora and Fauna

The Park has modest areas of flowers and shrubs, primarily around the vicinity of the Bowling Club. In spring-time the borders are festooned with daffodils and blue bells grace the feet of many tree trunks. Throughout the year you can enjoy the sight of well established:


Japonicas- Fatsia;Acuba and Kerria

Holly-leaved Sweet Spire (Itea Ilicfolia)

Bitter Orange (Poncirus trifoliate)

Snowberry (Symphoricarpus Albus)


Sweet Box (Sarocca confussa & Skimma x Confusa 'kew green')

Honey Bush (Melianthus Major)

Globe Artichoke (Cynara Cardunculus)

Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria)

Ice Plant (Sedum Spectabile)

Coral Flower (Heuchera 'palace purple')

Verbena Borariensis

Yucca Gloriosa Varigatta



Tree flower3 Daffodil flower2