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By chris, Jul 22 2017 10:43AM

The Group needs to form a new committee with office bearers.Hopefully, some of you will wish to still be involved and new members will come forward, so that the Friends will be revived and sustained. If so, please contact:

Debs Rylands

Community Green Spaces Project Manager

Groundwork South (Devon and Cornwall Area)

☎️: 07718 325 659 @: [email protected]

��: @GreenTorbay www:

To finish with some good news. A piece of play equipment (a Spinner) in the Galaxy play area has been inoperable for a while pending a spare part. As the repair cost is significant Natural Environment(NE) sought support from the meeting to replace it with a new piece of equipment that will be more robust and more popular (perhaps a slide). The meeting welcomed the proposal so NE will move forward with assessing the practicable options and then installation.

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