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Upton Park was created in the late 1920's on what had been little more than a public tip. The bowling green opened in May 1928 (there had been one in use from 1912 on a plot nearby). The first two hard tennis courts were completed at about the same time. In 1944, prior to D-Day, a US Army field-kitchen was set up in the park to serve meals to troops before they marched  down to Torquay Harbour to embark onto the ships that would take them over to the Beaches of Normandy.


In the 1980s, part of the park was dug up to provide a 'holding tank' for the water which builds up during heavy rainstorms. The River Fleet, which has run through the Stoney and Upton valleys from time immemorial, still flows through a pipe below the ground.


The parks' most immediate local community has a high incidence of multi-occupancy rented properties with pockets of high deprivation, so the park offers a valuable opportunity for outdoor relaxation and/or exercise. Upton Park can also provide a haven for town centre workers  who only have a short walk to reach attractive  green space. The park also attracts visiting students attending the numerous English Language colleges situated in Torquay, who take particular advantage of the sports courts.


We shall be archiving a collection of material about the Parks' history in memory of the late John Chambers who was one of our most valued members and keen historian of the local area.

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